There are several options for your Roku that most people don’t know about. And some of them can help you tremendously.

  • Roku app for your smartphone. If you don’t have it, GET IT! it has a keyboard so you don’t have to use the arrow keys to type and it has a voice search.
  • If you have more than one Roku, the app will display them as their serial number. Unless you are REALLY good at remembering number, this can be a nightmare when you want to switch devices. Go to and log into your account. Then click where it says Hi (your name here). This will access your account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and all of your devices will be listed. At the right side of the screen, click on “RENAME.” Name your devices with the room they are in. Next time you open the Roku app, the devices will show up by name instead of serial number. Want to get the kids to turn off the TV? Open your app, switch to the Roku they are using and hit the HOME button.
  • While you’re on the account page, notice the “ADD A CHANNEL” button. Most people are not aware that in addition to the hundreds of channels that Roku has in their channel store, there are hundreds more “Private” channels. Private channels are made up by individuals and put out for anyone to use. To access these channels, you need to know their code. To get the code, you can search Google for Roku private channels or go to Once you get the code, click the “ADD A CHANNEL” button and type it in the Channel Access Code box, then click Add Channel. The channel will be added to all of your Roku devices.
  • Roku lists the channels you have in the order you add them. You can rearrange the channels on your home screen by pressing the * button when a channel you want to move is highlighted. That way, you can put the channels you use most frequently at the top for easy access.
  • If you add a channel from one Roku and it isn’t showing up in the others, you can force the Roku to update by going to settings>update.
  • If you have a wall mounted TV and there is nowhere to put your Roku, there is a mounting kit that will enable you to mount the Roku to the back of your TV. Don’t worry about the remote not working. Roku remotes are Bluetooth, not infrared. Therefore, they don’t need line of sight. If you are using the smartphone app, it uses your WiFi network.
  • Many people complain about their Roku freezing and rebooting. Usually, this is caused by heat. Go to a local computer repair store and ask if they have any heat sinks. Heat sinks are what keep the processor cool in a computer. When computers die, often the techs will take out the heat sinks for scrap. Usually, if you ask they might give one to you, or charge a small amount, maybe $5. Put your Roku on top of that and it will be noticeably cooler within an hour.This is a heat sink:
    This photo is upside down for use with a Roku. Please note that this photo is upside down for use with a Roku. The fins should be facing down with the Roku on top.

If you have a Roku and haven’t gotten rid of your cable/satellite service yet, read my main page on how to get started.


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